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Getting closer

Made another small step in getting the web site running, was able to get the right theme installed. Not yet configured like it was, but it is getting there. Today I had mixed success. Wanted to go extend my visa … Continue reading

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Construction progress

After some major struggles and wizardry I have managed to update the WordPress version of the web site and getting it to work again. The format is the default style of WordPress, more work is needed before I have something … Continue reading

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Technical difficulties

Hi there, somewhere last week my web hosting service upgraded their servers, and now all posts are showing in reverse order. I have been attempting to do something about it, but no solution yet. Might attempt to upgrade to a … Continue reading

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Web site problems?

Was just checking my email this morning and noticed that the blog is completely out of order. Not much I can do about it right now. Might be shopping for a computer this afternoon.  I am in Balbao and will … Continue reading

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Going through again

I will be leaving tonight on a French sail boat (a delivery boat, brand new on its way to Tahiti).  So, tomorrow (Wednesday) between noon and 2 in the afternoon we should be at the second set of locks. The … Continue reading

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More about the canal

Just some more things about the canal.  Being here at one of the shipping routes is truly amazing.  The container ships have their decks stacked with up to 10 levels of containers, then there are the car transporters, some of … Continue reading

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Transiting the Canal

Over the past week I have made two canal transits on other boats. It is quite an experience. And, I can now understand why they make a big deal about it, simply because it is (or can be) a big … Continue reading

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Curacao – Colon

Left from Curacao on Saturday morning, or actually closer to around noon. Since there were a lot of miles ahead of me, attempting to estimate the right departure time for a day time arrival is impossible, so you might as … Continue reading

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