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Cruising around Fiji.

For the past two weeks I have been cruising around the islands on the west side of Vitu Levu. For most of this time I had a temporary crew member: Ian. He was the chef on board Lochiel, but things … Continue reading

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Yacht on reef

Earlier this week some local guy told me about a yacht that was lost on the reef this weekend. He asked if I knew about it, but I had not heard about it. Then yesterday I ran into Pete from … Continue reading

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Some pictures from Fiji.

Finally got to take my bike for a spin, first time since July. Now I understand why people think biking long distance is hard. It never was for me, until now, I am out of shape and riding for a … Continue reading

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Just arrived in Lautoka

Just today (Tuesday) arrived in Lautoka.  Anchored Sunday night near a resort.  There was one other yacht (Sea Dove) with two kiwi’s.  They invite me over for supper and had a good time.  Yesterday we sailed inside the reef, north … Continue reading

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Cruising within Fiji

After having a good time in Savusavu, keeping occupied by trouble shooting various navigation computer problems, and meeting some fun people, it was about time to get rolling again. If only just to get the green growth of the boat. … Continue reading

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Canoe Stern Beauty

Under the article title, “Canoe-Stern Beauty”, Cruising World reviews the merits of the Southern Cross 35 in the Classic Plastic section of their September 2008 issue.

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Some pictures from Tonga and Savusavu, Fiji.

Having been a week in Savusavu, I have been enjoying live. Having lunch in town is too cheap to even bother to go shopping for groceries yourself. Then I have been occupied fixing up peoples navigation computers. So far, I … Continue reading

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