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On towards Solomon Islands

With the cyclone season upon us, the stay in Luganville had taken a little too long (due to spending a lot of time trying to find and order a satellite phone) for allowing one more stop in Vanuatu.  So, went … Continue reading

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Another feature added

Alright, so I have been doing some more web stuff. There is a now a way to export Morning Light’s tracks into Google Earth. This is done from an exports page. Also, I have uploaded a few more Google Earth … Continue reading

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Million Dollar Point

This is an interesting dive site here, not too far from Luganville. During World War II the allied troops where brought into Vanuatu, since an attack from the Japanese was expected (the Japanese had already occupied the Solomon Islands). Vanuata … Continue reading

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Cruising Vanuatu

Not really doing much cruising here, just making my way north.  Left Wednesday morning, at first there was decent winds, then the wind disappeared for a while, but just when I was motoring to an anchorage the wind came back, … Continue reading

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Moving on

Well, never even made it to the music festival, unbelievable, but, guess I was just hanging out with the wrong people. It wasn’t as close as I thought it would be, that never helps (aren’t we all lazy by nature). … Continue reading

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New feature on the web site

If you don’t want to read all the tech talk, just go here and have a look. It has taken me months to get this to work, but I finally got to it. After I left Panama, and had plenty … Continue reading

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Some party shots

For the past week I have been having a good time in Vanuata. Lots of ozzies on vacation here, and there was always good reason to have a good time. Jacky, Ian, Sarah (showing us the bird) and me (in … Continue reading

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Looking ahead

Okay, plans change all the time. First of all, by the time I was through the Panama canal, and left for the Galapagos, two years around the world was not within reasonable reach (other than turning into a race around … Continue reading

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Some more pictures

Ok, another batch of pictures, mostly sunsets. You can click on the pictures to get the full size images. A picture of Morning Light in the Neiafu yacht races (Tonga). Courtesy of S/V Charisma. Morning Light crossing the finish line, … Continue reading

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Finally in Vanuatu

It was a trip with no good fortune.  Little or no wind the first day, the second day two lines of squalls with too much wind and minor damage to the stay sail.  After that no wind for about 4 … Continue reading

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