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Main sail quotes

Most sail lofts have replied with their quotes. I will share their prices and information, without company names. Price Price US$ oz (US) gram/m2 Company One 4250 2796.05 8.62 366.35 Company Two 1043 8.66 368 Company Two 968 7.32 311 … Continue reading

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Few scribbles

The first few quotes for a new mainsail have come in.  The price spread is huge, it is hard to believe that one factories sail will last 3 times longer (assuming that performance is really not going to differ much, … Continue reading

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Back in Miri

One day underway to Kuhing I ran into a nasty squall.  Winds over 40 knots, went to get the main down ASAP but did not manage it.  Along the leech (back) right next to the latest repairs at least 4 … Continue reading

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Birthday celebration.

The birthday cake! (LTR: Roger, Lynn, Aiza, Eric, your captain, Maricar, Ery, May).

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Recent pictures

Timber barge between along the Malaysian coast. Oil production in Brunei. Many anchored boats around because of the world’s economic problems. The entrance to Miri, which is the city of the sea horse.

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Another year added

Okay, it has been 40 years since an Armstrong stepped on the moon. Add one more and you know how old I am. Past few days have been busy, but got some things done: 2 LPG bottles filled, 2 sails … Continue reading

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Made it to Miri

Might write longer story at some other time, have not found the right place with wi-fi, so am sitting in an internet cafe. Was mostly light winds, and there were lots of oil platforms, tugs, barges and supply boats to … Continue reading

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H1N1 fears

Tomorrow’s celebration of the sultan’s birthday has been scaled down because of the H1N1 fear.  Which seems to have spread over south east Asia quite a bit, I think mostly due to air travel.  When I was in Cebu there … Continue reading

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Visiting Bandar Seri Begawan

Bandar Seri Begawan is the name of the capitol city of Brunei.   Took the local bus, after getting a ride to the local bus station because the bus only drives by the yacht club when being asked to do so … Continue reading

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In Brunei Darussalam

Friday morning I went by the offices of Port Control, Customs and Immigration to clear out and took off for Brunei.  It is only a 19 mile trip, but with a late start and a straight head wind I decided … Continue reading

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