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Pirate situation

There was are recent pirate attack on a yacht that left the Seychelles this week, read about it here That does not help when I am thinking about which route to follow to cross the Indian Ocean (or maybe it … Continue reading

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Better copy of the article

Click on the picture below for the full size article. I will post my footnotes later this week. And a reference to the Solomon Islands theft.

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Newspaper article.

Last Monday I was asked if I would be willing to talk a journalist from a regional newspaper. Spent about 2 1/2 hours talking to this guy which resulted in this article:

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Greenwich Meridian

Where would we be without this?  Well, exactly where we are since it is just a reference, but handy to be somewhere…..

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Keeping you updated

Well, so I have not been good at updating the blog, but from a few emails I received I distilled that it is not clear what the status of my stay is.   So, here we go: all boat parts … Continue reading

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Some videos

Made two videos last Sunday in Bintulu. Here is a video of the life maggots that you can buy at the market.  One of my friends bought a little bag, felt lucky I am a vegetarian. maggots In the Miri … Continue reading

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Trip to Bintulu

Sunday morning we took the coastal road to Bintulu. This is also known as the new road, but considering its bumpyness I would say it lost some of its new feel. It is a ride mostly through huge palm oil … Continue reading

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Niah Caves

Finally got away from boat maintenance and made a trip to one of the bigger tourists attractractions of Sarawak: Niah Caves. Together with Grace, Miscelia, Rachel and Henny we made the 1 1/2 hour ride to the caves. And hiked … Continue reading

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