Puerto la Cruz so far

It has been an interesting time in La Cruz so far. My neighbors are Dutch (Drifter), so it’s nice to hang out with them. Then on Saturday I was invited by the French contingent here in the marina. They organized a dinner for all interested, in typical French way (lots too eat, though less for vegetarians, Pernod, wine, and a leasure pace). It took my brain a while to locate the long forgotten French knowledge, but it is improving.

Monday night I went eat out with some Austrians, so that was a nice occasion to get the German braincells back in action (that was far from easy as well, on top of that the Austrians have their own variant of German that just that little harder).

The scenery here is nice, green mountains in the background, rocky islands off the coast. Warm (or hot) during the day, but at night it cools down quite nicely. There has been a few gusty showers, one pushed my bow against the dock. No serious damage, but now two bundled fenders on the bow should prevent further scratching.

The intention is to get some canvas work done, the marina is more a warf with dock space. This afternoon someone from the warf is supposed to come with a canvas make to have a look at my needs and come with a quotation. I might pay another canvas shop a visit for a competing price.

I have been reading about the Tour de France’s developments lately. Guess the cycling world still is in turmoil and the fight against dopers is still a work in progress. It will be interesting to see how that develops.

There is wi-fi internet access at the marina, but I can only get it to work by sitting in the outdoor restaurant nearer the antenna. But, with some sprinkling of magic dust, it is working now.

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  1. Robert Bogard says:

    In early 1997, I put my 35-foot Pearson in the marinaAmera Americo Vespucio in Puerto la Cruz. I had had engine troubd on the way down and eventually had an engine flown down from New England. Have you seen a boat called Popeye II, owned by a French couple Claude and Jackie Martin? They, being French, spent most of their time in Martinique but came to Puerto laCriz for the hurricane season.

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