Bonaire and Venezuela pictures

Pictures from the last two weeks. When you click on a picture you can see the full size image (same as in previous picture uploads).

Bonaire waters.

Captain Susie behind the wheel of Wishful Thinking.

Slave huts seen from the water.

The fool with the dog (Shuby).

Morning Light at the mooring in Bonaire.

Beautiful Dutch yawl in Kralendijk.

Blanco having lunch.

Max having lunch.

Sunset on the way to Puerto la Cruz.

Dolphins on the way to Puerto la Cruz.

Puerto la Cruz from the distance.

Simon Bolivar statue on Plaza Bolivar.

Religious statue in front of ugly building.

Cayo Borracha from Paseo Colon.

Sunset view of my back yard.

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5 Responses to Bonaire and Venezuela pictures

  1. mark says:

    mooie foto’s!


  2. mark says:

    he Frank,

    ik zie dat je 23 min geleden dit hebt gepost……heb je ook een chat van het een of ander in gebruik…? Msn/skype/yahoo/gadugadu ?

  3. frank says:

    Hoi Mark, probeer yahoo chat, fietsx, of AIM (fxb fiets)

  4. Kevin says:

    Hey, where did you get the new pets ?

  5. frank says:

    The pets are Susie’s (from Wishful Thinking). On board Morning Light it is still just the cook and the captain (in other words, just me).

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