A fun sail on Sunday

Through my neighbors (from Drifter) I have come to know a Dutch lady (Emily) that has just moved here (from Curaçao) a couple of months ago. With her Venezuelan friend Paolo she invited us (Coby and Arnold from Drifter and myself) for a meal last Thursday. They took us to the Spanish social club, a very nice place that is frequented mostly by Spanish immigrants (and their direct descendants I suppose). It was a very nice place, and we all had a good time.

That evening I invited Emily for a day sail on Sunday. It is always so strange that I am on a nice sailboat all the time, but don’t take it out for nice day sails. Simply because it is too much of a hassle, especially by myself. But with some help to moor/dock, it is really not that big of a deal.

Saturday it rained most of the day, sometimes quite hard, but on a boat you don’t always know much about what is happening around you. While I noticed that the water in the canal had come up quite a bit (since most water from the gutters runs straight into the canal) I wasn’t aware that lots of streets actually had flooded that day.
We left Sunday morning a little past 10 in nice weather. The sun was shining, and there was a little breeze, not too strong, maybe about 7-10 knots from the west. Later in the day there was the thread of a big thunderstorm, but somehow we dodged it. We sailed around Cayo Borracha and had a good time talking about all kinds of things (including cycling, turned out that Emily had race the Tobago classic the two years before I went there as team manager on crutches in 2006).
I took some pictures that day, and decided to put them all on the website, since I like the different skies.

07-08-05 00000

07-08-05 00001

07-08-05 00002

07-08-05 00003

07-08-05 00004

07-08-05 00005

07-08-05 00006

07-08-05 00007

07-08-05 00008

07-08-05 00009

07-08-05 00010

07-08-05 00011

07-08-05 00012

07-08-05 00013

07-08-05 00014

After returning to the dock we enjoyed a great meal cooked by Coby on board Drifter.  This also took care of my last bit of Cuban rum.

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