Today has been a successful day: managed to buy both a dinghy and an outboard.  Heinz from Galathe had an old dinghy, funny enough almost the same model as I had before, but a few years oldes.  It needs a little patching, right now water leeks thru the bottom/transom connection.

While I was running around with the dinghy using Heinz engine (which he was going to keep) I got to talk to my neighbor Arnold.   Turns out he has an old Evinrude 3HP outboard that he is not using. The price was right, and I put it on.   The engine needed a little tinkering, it would stop running after about 10 minutes of running it hard.  Cleaned the carburetor and did a little adjustment, and now it seems to run fine.

Tomorrow I am going to attempt to glue the bottom of the dinghy, but things are looking promising.  Even right now it is usable, though over time your feet will get wet.

Got one quote for my needed canvas work, but that price was about even with the what I was quoted in Jacksonville.  Tomorrow afternoon I should get a price from another shop, hopefully that is coming out a little cheaper.  If not, I might get going and see if I can get better prices in Trinidad.

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  1. randy says:

    I am really happy that you found a proper dinghy! I have some great memories of tooling around between ship and shore in an inflatable dinghy with a 3hp outboard!

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