Just a quick update from PLC. Managed to get some cash by transfering money to a US bank account (with help from Jason), and a local travel agent then pays out in Bolivars. This deal made me a millionaire (unfortunately only in Bolivars).

My neighbors from Drifter have left on Tuesday for the Venezuelan islands. We have had a good time together and it is quiet now. But, I ran into another Dutch boat, the owner lives in Margarita with his Venezuelan girlfriend, but he´s quite happy to chat Dutch over some Polars.

The canvas work is on its way, with some luck the sail covers should be ready by tomorrow (yes, manana). Hopefully the dodger can be made and fit next week, once that is done I intend to leave for Trinidad.

There is a major hurricane (Dean) coming into the caribbean. It is going to be way north of us (like it is supposed to), we might have little rain from it on Saturday.

I have been doing small bits and pieces. The dinghy engine is working great now, I even manage to plane the dinghy on the 3 horse power eninge. Bought some spare parts and a new spark plug wrench.

It is quiet in the comments sections, are you people all working too hard?

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  1. maria says:

    Ha, 1 comment dan in ieder geval. Venezuela staat geregeld op de voorpagina vanwege Chavez (juiste spelling?). Historisch moment, of merk je daar als varend toerist weinig van? Hier geen historische momenten, of je moet alle rumoer rond Wilders historisch willen noemen – hij wil nu de koran verbieden in NL, bijvoorbeeld. Eind augustus naar Trinidad is nu je plan? Mijn plan is volgende week een dagje naar Artis. Wie weet zie ik daar ook dolfijnen.
    Groet, Maria

  2. Don says:

    Frank, it sounds like things are going
    good down there. I’m glad to here you got
    an inflatable dinghy, having a kayak lashed
    to the deck during a long passage sounds
    dangerous. Hurricane Dean hit Martinique
    and St. Lucia pretty hard, I imagine many
    boats were lost. I was in St. Thomas when
    Hurricane Klaus hit about ten years ago,
    about half the boats anchored in Charlotte
    Amalie harbor ended up in the bars and shops
    on the water front, it was not a pretty
    sight. Do you plan on staying in Trinidad
    for the remainder of the Hurricane Season?
    I reckon some of the islands to the North
    are in pretty bad shape. Have you made any
    long term cruising plans?

    Yacht: Jennifer Elizabeth

  3. frank says:

    I am quite happy with the kayak, it is against the standing rigging on port. The disadvantage is that I will have to walk over the cabin to go to the bow when on a port tack. When I have a little better internet access, I will post a picture.

    After Trinidad I will go westwards, south of the hurricanes, probably stopping on some Venezuelan islands, then on to the ABC islands (again, need to stock up on more licorice), then Columbia and its islands, Panama islands.

    Intend to pass the Panama canal early 2008.

    When I have time I will update the “Where are we going” section on the web site.

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