Canvas progress

Today I got my new main sail cover in. Installed it and it looks very nice. The club foot (stay sail) cover was also finished, but lacking a small detail, that should be done by tomorrow morning.

Work on the dodger (or as the British say: sprayhood) has not started yet. Tomorrow morning they are supposed to come and take measurements, and maybe they will take the current one with them to use as an example.

Last Friday I have moved the boat to another marina, there were some political issues (business politics that is) between the previous marina (TMO) and the canvas company (Orient Canvas). To avoid the hassle I just moved my boat to another marina. The location is fine, but is more sheltered (that would sound nice, but there are only light winds here, and any wind is welcome to cool of).
When the dodger is finished (doubt if that happens before the weekend) I will move along. Assuming there is no major storm coming this way (heart from some people that it was quite rough because of Dean, even in the Testigos, here in Venezuela) I intend to take of for Trinidad. That should then be my east most point, from there on I want to go sailing with the trade winds.

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