Bye Puerto la Cruz

It is not sure yet when I will be leaving nor when I’ll be posting this, but it is looking likely that I am going to leave PLC soon.

Went by the canvas shop this (Thursday) morning, yesterday they had called me (through the marina) to tell me they would come by this morning. So at 10:30 I decided to give them a visit. My dodger was on the table, in pieces, which is a good sign. And I am told they will come by this afternoon to fit and install it. If that is really the case, I will leave tomorrow morning.

At first the plan was to go to Trinidad from here, but then I realized I would have to check out of Venezuela, and back in on the way back. So, changed the plan a little: I will first go to Margarita (Porlamar), stay there for a few days and then go to Trinidad. Than on the way back, I will bypass Venezuela alltogether. The main motivation for this is the time it takes to check in and out. I had gone by the little office here in PLC, and there would be no customs nor immigration present all week. Meaning I would be traveling around town for all my stamps and papers. Well, if I can minimize doing that, it would be quite welcome.

Life has been quite boring here for the last week, all people I know around here left last Friday. For the last week I have just been reading books and trying to keep cool (with little success). It was just a matter of waiting for the dodger to be finished, appointments would change, lots of sliding schedules, so to say.

In the mean time the hull has turned into a jolly good gathering of barnacles and small animal life. A few more weeks and I would have become a floating coral reef. The growth here in the water is unbelievable. We are on a canal connected to open water here, with little to no tide. When it rains (it is rainy season here) a lot of fresh water from the streets dumps straight into the water (which gives a pretty nasty smell the next morning). Not knowing what contributes most, but the bottom growth here is very strong indeed. With the questionable quality of the water (it is not awful, but not exactly clean either) I did not jump in to scrub the bottom. Hopefully on the way I will anchor in a clear body of water and have some time to give the bottom a cleaning. If that doesn’t work out I have to start thinking about planning a haul out somewhere.

Internet has been slow or down most of the week, so I am not sure how/when I will be able to post this.

Writing this Friday morning:
Well, yesterday afternoon nobody showed up, maybe they were excused by the weather (we had one of the common late afternoon thunderstorms). But, as I am typing this the canvas people are punching the holes in the dodger for the right fit. Only thing left is installing the zipper to hook it up to my cockpit cover (only to be used when not sailing, but nevertheless quite essential for shade in the cockpit when at anchor or at the dock).

Already have paid my bill for the marina, and still intend on leaving today. Next stop is probably Cumana, and on to Porlamar. If you don’t here from me, it is just because I have no internet acess (even when I am suppose to have acess it works less than half the time).

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2 Responses to Bye Puerto la Cruz

  1. Don says:

    Frank, where are you going to ride out
    Hurricane Felix? It seems to be tracking
    pretty far to the south, close to your
    location. Looks like it will pass pretty
    close to Aruba and the other Dutch Islands.

  2. frank says:

    When Felix passed north of us I took advantage of the west winds it caused and sailed from Puerto la Cruz to Porlamar (more to follow later). Which turned out to be a good sail

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