Tuesday when I was done with customs and immigration I went back to the boat.  Left at 3 in the afternoon for a short sail around the southwest point of Tobago.  Anchored of Crown Point, which is where we stayed 2 years ago for the Tobago cycling race with my team mates from Memphis Motor Werks. 

I have been taking it easy ever since,  we have been having some showers for the passed days, and today it is overcast.  Last night the wind start blowing harder and waves started rolling around the point into the anchorage.  So this afternoon I set a kedge anchor to point the boat into the waves to prevent it from rolling too bad.

Right now I am sitting in an internet cafe/laundry place.  Pretty smart combination, nevertheless, still not very exciting, but it sure beats doing laundry by hand.

In the coming days I intend to take short little trips with the boat from one anchorage to the other.  Many small anchorages and none of them very busy.

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