Next stop St Vincent

For the past 10 days I have been taking it easy on Tobago.  Did a little bit of sight-seeing, some socializing, and sailed around the island (in two days).

Wednesday I sailed to Plymouth, got hit by some showers, and it kept raining so I never even went ashore. 

Thursday I went for a long sail, at first there was just rain and no wind, but than it cleared up and the sailing was good.  So I sailed around the northeast corner of Tobago (beautiful views there) and back to Scarborough (getting there in the dark).

The weather has been unsteady, some showers everyday.  Nevertheless the stay in Tobago was enjoyable.  Met some fun people from other boats, locals and beach tourists.

Next destination is Clifton, Union, which is part of St Vincent and the Grenadines.  I went by immigration and customs this morning in Scarborough to clear out.  Then I should leave tomorrow morning.  After that I went to the barber for my first haircut since Curacoa (July or so?).  I had started to look like Einstein, but it is just not comfortable, so back to a simple buzz cut.

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