Passenger’s story

Bon dia,

Just a message of Frank’s passenger. I have been staying with Frank for the last 2 weeks of December, 6 days on the wharf on Curacao (you should admire the beautiful green stripe I have painted just above the water line) and 7 days on the tropical blue waters of Bonaire. Two weeks of enjoying the ‘bon’ Caribbean life and lots of adventures, which not only had to do with (delayed) planes and helicopter crashes in The Netherlands. We were somewhat unfortunate with the weather during our sailing trip to Bonaire – lots of squalls with sometimes 30 knots of wind. For me as a landlubber (?) suddenly too much activity on the boat, so I did not really have the opportunity to enjoy the trip (just tried to lie down and keep my eyes shut for nature’s violence). Feels a bit like a hero afterwards: standing at the helm when Frank was reefing while being scared to death (me not Frank), or was it simply a coward? Frank was also somewhat unfortunate as some days later his new prop shaft decided to move in a different direction as it is supposed to do. So our Christmas Day came out a bit different: instead of snorkeling near Klein Bonaire we were sailing without a proper rudder blade and a motor, brought to our home buoy with 4 dinghies – a real Christmas spirit among the cruisers. Frank is now on his way to the marina on Curacao to replace it again and to do some other repairs, he hopes to arrive there today. Instead of sailing back to Spanish Water I had to take the plane to Curacao. Strange experience to fly the same distance of endless waves in only 15 minutes, just going up and down again – I prefer the boat, even with too much knots.
In spite of our adventures (we also got stuck with Susie’s car in a swamp, just a moment before it had lost an essential part on a bumpy road) I enjoyed my holiday very much. After rain there will be sunshine, as the Dutch use to say, and this verb holds also for the Antilles. Nice to have so much sunshine in December, nice being on board of Morning Light again. On Bonaire I could simply jump in the water and snorkel around the boat to see all kinds of tropical fish just one arm’s length away. Really amazing. And I was very lucky with captain Susie from our neighboring boat, as she took us (and her 2 very friendly dogs) around the island to enjoy flamingos, Indian drawings, fresh cooked fish, local music, cruiser potlatches, lots of local bars, beaches, swamps and much more (danki!). As a Dutch citizen it was very interesting to visit Bonaire and Curacao. You know they are part of the kingdom of The Netherlands but you are in a totally different world, wondering about all this – only the traffic signs remind you of home. And of course the bolussen (Zeeuwse cinnamon rolls) at the bakery.


PS Nice pictures but none of them digital as I used a medieval camera.

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