Technical difficulties

Hi there, somewhere last week my web hosting service upgraded their servers, and now all posts are showing in reverse order. I have been attempting to do something about it, but no solution yet. Might attempt to upgrade to a new version of WordPress.

Went to the free zone in Colon last Friday and bought a new notebook. It is a Toshiba, came with Spanish version of Vista, very useful of course. Wiped it out and installed English XP instead. Now I am scrambling to find all the drivers, but the things that really matter are working (spending almost two days to do just that). Today (Sunday Feb 24th) the internet is slow for some reason. So, now that I have a computer I can enjoy the frustration of everyday computer users.

Leaving tonight for another canal transit, should be at the Miraflores locks somewhere between 1 and 2 in the afternoon (that would be 1900 and 2000 GMT).

You can still browse the web site from the archives (left column, bottom).
The rigging parts have arrived and Tuesday morning I am coming along the dock and hopefully the rigger will start later in the day.

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