Construction progress

After some major struggles and wizardry I have managed to update the WordPress version of the web site and getting it to work again. The format is the default style of WordPress, more work is needed before I have something better. But at least the latest post is on top again.

Last Tuesday the rigger and myself got the new head stay installed. It turned out to be quite straightforward, learned a lot in case I ever have to do it myself.

When the genoa was taken off I noticed some minor damages due to chafing that must have happened over the last month at anchor. Luckily there is a sailmaker in town and I was able to drop it off the same day. Should be able to pick that up this afternoon.

Need to visit the Port Captain´s office today since my cruising permit for Panama is about to expire. When I checked in I was briefly optimistic (!) and thought I would be able to clear the canal within a month, that obviously did not happen.

Might help yet another boat to go through on Sunday. Still holding off on setting a date for my own transit.

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