Pictures from the canal

These pictures were taken last week when transiting the canal on board Peggy West.

Sunrise on Gatun Lake, this is the freshwater lake that was created during the canal construction. It lies 27 meters above sea level.

Yachts take a short cut through the Banana Cut, a narrow channel through the tropical forest.

Yachts in line towards the Banana Cut.

When Gatun Lake was created a large area of land was flooded. There are still lots of tropical hard wood trees standing, they have been in fresh water for a hundred years and supposed to be of high value.

These trees bloom only a few days a year.

Looking over the Gatun Lake.

Tropical island in the lake. There are actually no homes on the lake.

Some of the canal maintenance docks in Gamboa.

Large earth moving equipment is used to straighten out the canal. One of the improvements made for the newer locks (which will allow longer and wider boats) is to improve the sight lines along the curves.

A Panamax (maximum size vessel to fit through the Panama Canal locks) container vessel. Note that they have taken off some of the containers stacked on the bow so there is a better sight line from the bridge to the bow.

Container vessel in front of the new bridge (Centennial Bridge).

Typical raft of sailing vessels as they go through the locks.

Gone through the Miraflores locks, going on to the Pacific.

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  1. Mark says:

    So Frank,

    door het panama Kanaal! Geweldig (ken het alleen van Discovery Channel) :). Is het duur?


  2. Mark says:

    Ha die Vakantie ganger, nog plannen om naar nederland te komen?

    Maria heeft me laast een mailtje gestuurd dat je een nieuwe laptop nodig hebt… dat nog steeds het geval?


  3. frank says:

    Hoi Mark,
    Geen plannen om naar nederland te komen.
    Heb een labtop gekocht, maar helaas nu even in een internet cafe.
    Groeten, Frank

  4. bjp says:

    Hi Frank,
    Where are you now? send me an e-mail at
    best regards,
    (aka the deserter from Jackal in Colon, Panama and the canal transit)

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