Transit now on Wednesday 12th

Yesterday I was told that transit control was changing ships transit dates. So I tried to call them, but could get through all day.

This morning I managed to get in touch with me and they told me I should be ready at 16:30 on Wednesday the 12th. Well, just before that I had received an email that one of my line handliners from Balbao did not want to go through again. This put me one line handler short. With the changed transit date I also lost another line handler, Rosie, who was going through today, and then would not be back in time for my transit.

So I went scrambling to find another 2 line handlers. Luckily Garathe, an Austrian boat who I had met in Puerta la Cruz had arrived on Sunday. So I asked them, Heinz and Sylvia, and they were happy to help me out.

We might be going through the first set of locks (the Gatun locks) somewhere past 18:00 our time (which is 5 hours behind on GMT). Typically we will then be going through the second set of locks on Thursday, between 12:30 and 14:00.

Still have a lot of things to do now, it is a bit hectic with this last day change.

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