On the Pacific Side

Yes, I am there!

We left one day early, I had to scramble to get my line handlers organized, but it all worked out in the end. Heinz and Sylvia from Galathe jumped in on a short notice, their help was much appreciated.

I am typing this in an internet cafe and must have the worst keyboard of the whole place. So I will have to be brief.

The transit went very smooth, no problems at all, there was not even any stress tieing alongside the other boat (which happened to have two line handlers on board who I have met before in Cuba and Curacao). There were some delays, as usual, before the advisor came on board. During that time I cooked dinner.

The engine was running fine, not that I expected differently, but it is one of those things you were about when you depend on it as much as crossing the canal (an engine breakdown can potentially be very costly in the canal).

We got to Gatun Lake past midnight, and had a good celebration there. Next morning the pilot came on board just past 7. I missed the whole trip through the Banana Cut because I was busy making coffee and breakfast for the crew and the advisor.

I took some pictures which have to be uploaded at some other stage.

Plan is to stay here for a few more days (boat is anchored near Flamingo, an expensive touristy location at the end of a long pier). Might be leaving for Las Perlas (some small islands in the Gulf of Panama) by Wednesday and then the long windless trip to the Galapagos, though officially I have been checked out for the Marquesas already.

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  1. Kevin says:

    Congratulations, Frank!

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