More technical difficulties

Have been on the Pacific side now for over a week. Internet connection has been problematic to say the least.

Did some boat projects on a friends boat, which got me his old solar panels. Which I have installed yesterday. My starter battery died (must be because of lack of use, don’t know), luckily Drifter was about to throw away an old car battery, which I have now installed as the starter battery. Then I fixed the toilet (toilet flush pump was not working anymore), always a fun project.

Only some shopping left, and might be leaving for Las Perlas (Panama) and then the Galapagos, maybe by Tuesday.

Sorry for lack of updates, was not for a lack of trying though.

After my web hosting company upgraded their servers I am running from one problem into the other. Lately I have not been able to update the blog from any web browser, which means I can only do it when I have my own computer online (which does not happen very often). It is very frustrating, but there appears to be just nothing I can do about it.

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  1. Don says:

    Frank, sounds like things are going good for you. I hope you have a good passage to the Galapagos. I am thinking about buying 44′ Morgan, 1991. With the price of diesel near $4.00 per gallon the the price of sailboats seems to have gone up compared to power boats. Everybody in Lafayette still ask about you.


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