Bye bye Panama

If all goes well, I will be leaving tomorrow morning (Thursday) for the Las Perlas.  That is an island group here in the Gulf of Panama.  Might be sailing at the same time as Peter on Sayonara with the intention to meet again in the next anchorage.  We might stay a few days in the Las Perlas. 

The last few days the wind has picked up, basically the trades from the Caribbean make it into the Gulf of Panama.  That should give us some wind for the first days towards the Galapagos.  It is expected to run out of wind many times while under way to the Galapagos.

The only thing left to do is pick up the LPG bottle.  Have done lots of shopping, the idea was that whatever I buy here will be cheaper than anywhere on the Pacific. 

Not sure when will be able to write on this site again. 

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