In the Galapagos!

Yes, indeed, arrived here today 14:45 local time, in Wreck Bay (which has a long Spanish name that I forgot), on Isla San Cristobal.  Took a total of 12 days, made it across the equator without motoring, but south of the equator there was even less wind. Basically had to motor the last 250 miles.  Wrote some stories while underway, tomorrow I will bring them into the internet cafe and hope to start uploading them.

Still working on checking in, had to take an agent, well, so I was told anyway. 

It is a quiet town here, but just for tourism, no local currency, just plain green backs.

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  1. rlegeai says:

    Hey! Glad you had smooth sailing. Guess that’s why they call it “Pacific.” Now you’re almost directly south of New Orleans! Heading up to Shreveport tomorrow for the Rocky Mount stage race where you broke some bones a few years back.
    – Randy.

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