What to do?

Currently in limbo about what to do: there are three boats with friends between Panama and the Galapagos, probably all at least a few days out.

Went to shore today to check emails, and maybe to check out.  It is nice out here, but also quiet, with not much to do.  And since Elkouba left last week, no boats with people I know.  And, as always, I feel like going sailing again (a bit of a limitation, the boat is only allowed to stay in this port, not move around the islands freely).

So, my dilemma is, do I wait a few more days until some friends come in, or do I start going. 

Think I will just post this, make a few phone calls (which I have not done in over a month) and maybe decide later today.

Either way, got groceries delivered to the boat yesterday, topped of the water tanks, filled up with fuel.  So the boat is ready.

Although, the automatic bilge pump failed to work yesterday.  Having looked into that, I have decided to give up on that piece of  sh#t.  The manual one works just as well, and since I replaced packing around the rudder stock, there is rarely any water coming into the bilge anyway (just some rain water from around the cockpit).

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