Getting ready for the big jump.

Went by the Puerto Capitania this morning to get my zarpe. Well, apparently I need to use the agent for that as well. Not too happy about that (all the agent does is charge me money for something I can easily do myself).

Looking at the weather forecast the wind should not be too far south. But, we will have to see. I intend on heading west from here, more or less skirting south of two other big islands of the Galapagos, just in the hope to see some marine life.

After that it is a matter of going south or south west until we reach the area of the trade winds. Once there it should be a straight forward and easy sail on to the Marqueasas. Have read and heart lots of stories about how easy it could be, but, that is not guarantee for fair winds for me.

The boats that have arrived here in Wreck Bay had differing stories. And some that are under way right now are really struggling to find some wind.

As for the Marquesas, I am shooting for Atuona on Hiva Oa. That is the proper place to check in. From there I want to go south east to Fatu Hiva. And there I might catch up again with some other boats, who will be leaving later and are probably going straight to Fatu Hiva.

Of course wind and current can also change any of that.

I keep on buying more groceries, it is a long trip ahead (between 3 and 4 weeks) and everything I buy here is likely to be cheaper than in French Polynesia.

Looking forward to being back on the move again.  Next update will be from the Marquesas, late May or early June!

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  1. Frank, Wow it sounds like a wonderful trip. I wish I was along for the ride. Things here are good. You are in my thoughts and prayers! All the best and drop me a line when you get a chance.

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