Hup Holland Hup!

Just finished watching the football game in the post office (which is the internet cafe and has a TV!). Only saw the second half, definetely worth it (Holland 3 – Italy 0).

Taking it easy otherwise. Been walking back and forth to town every morning to do email and a bit of shopping.

Strummer arrived last week, they had a broken baby stay and no forward on the transmission. About half of the boats coming into the anchorage seem to have some breakage, guess I was doing ok then.

Nice place to visit, laid back people, lush green scenery. Waiting for a few more boats to sail in and then go on to do some island hopping.

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  1. angeliquehebert says:

    Frank! I miss you. Thanks for sharing your journey. Your site is better than the travel channel. Luka and Levi are growing. They are 3 1/2 years old. Levi loves zebras and Luka loves cheetahs. Everyday is an adventure with those guys. Brooke is 15 and slightly moody. Breanna says hi. She is at work with me today. She wants to ride on your boat. Shane is growing. jj He’s lost a little weight, but not back on the bike yet. He is working too much these days. Hopefully he will be able to enjoy life on your level one day. You are really living my fantasy alter ego dreamlife. Enjoy one of those neverending redundant sunsets or sunrises for me.


  2. JUST JOHN says:


  3. frank says:

    Hi Angeligue, good to hear from you!
    Still traveling to the local races when Shane is officiating?

  4. damcajun says:

    Hey there,

    I’ve just got back from Holland. Mark Cole and I was visting our office there for 2 weeks. Mia, Amy, and Justin came over for a week. They really enjoyed your homeland. The managed to visit Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Delft, and we stayed in Den Haag Central. It was all good fun and we got a lot of work done at the same time. All is going well at work, Mr. B is back in Lafayette and with any luck we will have him back at work sometime in August. I’ve been reading your Blog from time to time, glad to see you made it across you were getting us all a bit worried. Keep enjoyed the good life and be safe out there.

    your friend,
    the dam cajun

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