Pictures from the Tuamotos and Society Islands.

Internet comes at a premium here ($10 an hour), so no full size pictures, just these smaller size images below.

Sailing along Sayonara.

Sayonara at anchor in Atuona.

Paul Gauguin’s grave in Atuona.

View over the bay in Atuona.

Hiva Oa mountain ridge.


The church on Kauehi, Tuamoto Archipelago.

The big event in Kauehi: the supply ship is in.

Aspirant surfers playing in the big surf on the windward side of Ahe, Tuamotos.

Tree on Ahe.

Ahe church.

Ahe anchorage: Morning Light and Steeltide.

Your diesel mechanic in action: dirty fuel filter.

Looking across the Taina anchorage (Tahiti) towards Moorea.

School kids in kanoes.

Polynesian outrigger kanoes, in early and morning and late afternoon, this is how the locals go get their exercise.

Moorea from the water.

Cook’s Bay, Moorea.

Looking into the collapsed crater on Moorea.

Marae Ahu o Mahine

Archeoligical site of Polynesian culture.

Information sign about the archery platform.

The archery platform.

Cook’s Bay from Belvedere.

Opunohu Bay from Belvedere.

The ridge between Opunohu Bay (left) and Cook’s Bay (right).

Church on Cook’s Bay.

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4 Responses to Pictures from the Tuamotos and Society Islands.

  1. maria says:


    In da je dr noh mae lank hetuhe van mah weze. Tahiti en omstreken lijkt me in ieder geval geen slechte plek om je 40e verjaardag te vieren. Een feestelijke dag!


  2. Harry says:

    Hallo Frank,òk uut Heppenheim hevelisiteert mé je verjàààrdag.
    Voor meer zeeuws google:Nieuwe steen in de muur(The Wall in het zeeuws)

    Groeten Harry van de Ree

  3. mark says:

    een beetje laat maar welkom tot het 40-erschap!

  4. frank says:

    Dankie, de afdaling is begonnen!

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