Some pictures of the last few weeks (Bora Bora, Rarotonga, Palmerston and Niue).

Bora Bora (Society Islands).

Another view of Bora Bora

Arriving at Rarotonga (Cook Islands).

Main street Palmerston (tall building on the right is the church, even for the 42 inhabitants of the island they have 3 services every Sunday).

My last catch (tape measure was meant to show the size, unreadable, but it was 90cm).

Sunset somewhere in the South Pacific.

Walking through the woods on the hike to the caves and natural bridge on Niue.

Caves (Niue).

Natural Bridge (Niue).

Sign on Niue !?
Explanations are welcome!

Somoan representive at Pacific Leaders Forum.

Traditional dance performance on Niue at Pacific Leaders Forum (leaders are seated in the background, among them: Helen Clark (PM of New Zealand) and Kevin Rudd (PM of Australia).

Welcome sign on Niue.

Looking down at the not so friendly dinghy dock of Niue. Dinghies
were lifted by crane on to the dock. I was able to lift the kayak up
the steps. One evening the swell took my kayak and rolled it over,
leaving me swimming with a back pack on (loaded with camera and
computer, thanks to Maria’s waterproof back pack, no damage was done).

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