Moving on

Well, never even made it to the music festival, unbelievable, but, guess I was just hanging out with the wrong people. It wasn’t as close as I thought it would be, that never helps (aren’t we all lazy by nature).

Had a scare Friday night. Came back from a pretty wild night, had all dressed up (yes, really, including shaving, wearing long jeans, socks and proper shoes, that is a cruisers three piece suit) to go to the Hemisphere’s club, a trendy place at the top floor of Sebel hotel. During happy hour the drinks were actually quite affordable. But mostly sort of an exclusive place. After that we went to the Waterfront, where they have a good band (though they do play evergreens only). Things were becoming good fun, which was extended to the Voodoo bar, a late night kind of place. There the lights went out for me, and at three I decided it was time to get back to the boat. Walked to where I had tied up my dinghy, and, NO DINGHY. Could not believe this, anywhere on the Pacific theft never seems to be a problem. And still, even in theft prone places, you can tie you dinghy up and not worry about it. Well, gone is gone, now how to get to my boat. Walked to the dock nearest to my boat, so I could get a ride if it show up (completely unlikely, there are about 5 boats anchored in that corner). Anyway, after 5 in the morning someone wakes me up, turns out it is a security guy, wondering what I was doing there. Well, told him my dinghy was stolen, there wasn’t much he could do. I suggested he could give me a ride in one of the dinghies tied up. But, that was beyond him. Well, got frustrated with all this, it was at least daylight, so jumped in the water and swam to the boat and went to bed. Got up at 10 in a real grumpy mood. Just could not see why anyone would ever steal my dinghy. For money? There is no market for that in Port Vila, there is about 20 boats less. For own use? Really, such a small dinghy with such an old engine. Well, could not see who or why anyone would steel my dinghy and stepped in the kayak to simply go around the harbor and have a look around. First thing I did was go by the place where I had tied it up. And, to my suprise, IT WAS THERE. Turned out that someone had “borrowed” it. It was tied up backwards, the engine was tipped up, the paddle was put together (so whoever borrowed it did not manage to keep the engine, no surprise, and old engine takes special experience skills to operate), my crocks (new one) and the fuel jug (full) were missing. But, I was so happy to have it back. Just don’t think I would be able to find any good replacement, not even to think about how much at which incredible cost.

So, that was Saturday’s story. Took it easy the rest of the weekend.

Yesterday I tried to find some parts in town, found the “marine” store. But their supplies were very limited indeed.

This morning I did a diesel run, or actually, two runs with the dinghy to the dock near the fuel station. $150 worth of diesel. I have those becalmed days, and the forecast only has more of that. Vanuatu has not had regular trade winds for about a month now. Then I went to customs to get the clearance papers for Luganville (Espirito Santu) and beyond. Then I went to the supermarket, shopping is pretty good here, but more expensive than Fiji (well, too late to come to that realization). Did a pretty serious shopping run, three small boxes of groceries, they were very good at the store, packing it nicely in boxes and one guy helped me carry it to the dinghy (which was not far). Unfortunately not muesli or granola, so breakfast will eventually become some improvisation. Still thinking if the $10 American parmesan cheese is worth it or not.

Will do some more internet tomorrow morning early, then, I am off for some island hopping on the way to Luganville. Could take a couple of weeks, no wind in the forecast (and fuel is not cheap).

Open invite: feel free to comment, sometimes I not sure if I am just typing for my own sake.

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    Frank, I enjoy reading your blog, although it makes me a little depressed at times because your cruising in the South Pacific and I’m stuck in South Louisisana. I am now looking for a proper blue water cruising boat. I would not trust the Hunter on a long passage, but it is a very fast boat and goes to weather very well. It seems to be a little bit of a buyers market. I am considering a 32ft Island Packet. I really like the way the boat is set up for short handed sailing all lines are run to the cockpit including the reefing lines. I am getting ready to go ride with the group from Pack and Paddle I will tell them you are doing fine.


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