Doing some repairs

Before heading for Liapari (which is only about 25 miles from Gizo) I am doing some repairs.  Was able to fix the radiator leak with the gasket material from Polaris.  That worked out great.  While I was at sea, I had a lot of trouble to start the engine.  But that problems seems to have gone now.  It was a probably a result of the engine overheating and the radiator water boiling.  Now the engine starts within 2 seconds of cranking, like it used to, but there seems to be a heavier knocking noise than before.  The guy at Liapari might have a look at that.

Today I am working on the main sail, trying to get the leech reinforced.

The anchorage here in Gizo is nice, there are a few other yachts here, and it is well protected against waves and wind.

Maybe before the weekend I will be leaving for Liapari, then I will be out of touch until I return to Gizo.

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