Still in Gizo

The wind has been blowing strong for the past 3 days, right on the nose for a trip to Liapari.  It is only 20 miles, but I don’t feel like all the beating upwind. 

Made repairs to the mainsail and did other small projects on the boat.  It appears that the wind is calming down a bit, if the wind is not over 15 knots in the anchorage I will be leaving for Liapari tomorrow morning.

Gizo is a small little place, but the capitol of Solomon Island’s Western Province.  All the low lying waterfronts were taken out by a tsunami, a couple of years back (a different one from the one that hit Thailand and Indonesia).  Life is pretty basic here, not what you would call a shopping paradise (it was a great victory today to score 2 rolls of toilet paper).   But the people are nice and all the transport goes over water.  The kids in school take their dugout canoe across the bay in the morning, and back upwind in the afternoon.

Having a car does not make any sense here, the one mile of paved road on the city has still more holes than pavement.  You can tell a local’s wealth from the number of horsepowers of their Yamaha outboard engine.

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  1. apeasley says:

    Wow, Frank. Just the retelling of recent events are enough to make us feel sick–no doubt, what you have been through sucks. So sorry. Really wish it weren’t you that had to endure this. We came across your website quite by accident and were really glad to have found you ‘out there’. We are reentering the rat race in San Francisco; Imagine is for sale in Auckland. For us, New Zealand was hugely underwhelming and we are glad to be back on home turf. If you desire a break and need a little urbane fix, look us up for a visit/crash pad in the Bay area. Keep on truckin’. Peasleys (Andy, Sandy and Emma)

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