Elvis has left the building


It is hard to believe, but by the time you read this, I am probably out at sea.

Cleared customs this morning, and what delayed me most was the fact that the town has been without power for most of the past weeks. The boat is filled up with fuel, the oil change from hell was done, now it is just time to find the water of the open sea.

There are many miles to go, where most time could be spent crossing the equator. Once north of the equator, there should be wind, according to the pilot charts, this is the ideal time to leave from the Solomons heading north. Well, we’ll see.

The trip could take anything betweeen 4 and 6 weeks. Providing a great opportunity to get rid of many old cans of food.

Next port should be Cebu, Philippines. I will post from there as soon as I get there.



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