Another trip to Dalaguete

On Friday I finally got the boat moving again. I went over to Dalaguete to see Joep who was about to fly back to The Netherlands for his work. It was 7 1/2 hours of motoring, there is very little wind here this time of year.

We did some driving and visiting along the coast to some other resorts and the small towns.

Joep left Sunday morning for his flight, exactly one day too early. The outboard mechanics had finally started to get their act together, and this morning I was the lucky one to go on the first real trial run with the engines running properly. Now with the right pitch propellers the boats can run 22 knots at 4000 RPMs, and at top RPMs they get 30 knots, but then the boats become too much trouble to handle.

I had a lazy Sunday here, and tomorrow I am going back to Cebu. There is a package underway with new bank cards, my last card expires on the end of the month. By the end of the week I intend to come back to Dalaguete, and then I will be continueing on to Dumaguete (on the island Negros) and later to Puerta Princesa (Palawan) and then on to Malaysia.

I have uploaded the tracks here.

Picture of the coast while underway to Dalaguete.

Morning Light at Ocean Bay Resort. It looks like I can almost walk on board, it is low tide and there is steep drop off. The snorkeling on the reef was really good here.

At low tide the people come out to gather shellfish.

One of Joep’s boat at the resort.

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