Another year added

Okay, it has been 40 years since an Armstrong stepped on the moon. Add one more and you know how old I am.

Past few days have been busy, but got some things done: 2 LPG bottles filled, 2 sails repaired, frigde repaired, 2 jugs of diesel filled, bought a short wave radio (that works). Reinstalled two computers on other boats. And today I am celebrating yet another birthday. Internet access has not been great, but on the radio I got the Tour results from yesterday. Contador did just what I thought he would do, let everyone know he is the man to beat, and looking good at that.

Checked out today, next stop is Kuching, also on Borneo, Malaysia. Will be a 4 day or so trip, depends on the wind. By the time I arrive the tour can be decided. Plan is to make a little land travel from Kuching to see some Borneo sights.

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