Sails and other stuff

Had made up my mind about where to order the sails when I decided that it was a good opportunity to think about other sails to replace.  In Honiara the two storm sails were stolen: try sail (to replace the main in strong winds) and the storm jib (to replace the stay sail).  Since I am getting a new main, I thought that a new storm jib would make the most sence.

So I asked for a quote for that and just got the price in.  Seems to make sense, especially since the expected delivery time is 7 weeks.

In the mean time I have been doing other projects.  Took the engines intrument panel apart, well, it had mostly disintegrated by itself.  Went through town to find replacement parts and I think I have it all sorted.  Now the ignition key should be able to be used to turn the engine on/off, glow and start, previously there were seperate glow and start buttons.  Also getting new lights and a new alarm buzzer.

This afternoon the stainless guy came by the boat and with help from Adri I had made a 1:1 scale drawing of the panel.  And we talked about another project: a small bow sprit on which end I can then attack the asymetric spinakers tack.  Once I know the prices I can see if both are projects are a go (well, the engine panel is not optional, that has to be done).  If I can get to understand the current wiring enough, I might also do a rewire of the engine’s starter battery and charging circuits.

Also doing some varnishing of the cockpit table.  The previous layers of varnish where too thin.  The can of varnish I had on board all dried up, there is no varnish in town, Adri from Marida was nice enough to let me use some of his gold spar varnish.

Getting started on doing a little work to pay for some of the expenses above.  Almost ready to start, need to download two more CD-ROM’s and then I can start focussing on that (which might slow down the boat projects, but there is plenty of time for those later).

Next weekend I might be lucky to be shown around some other parts of Miri than just the marina and the city center.

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