Hiking the Borneo jungle.

This Saturday we (Rachel, Grace and Andy) did a hike in the Borneo jungle. It was perfecty timed after a late Friday night party till 5 in the morning, so except for the driver (who was smart enough to not party) we had about 1.5 hours of sleep (though I added to that by sleeping in the car). It was day for hiking, by far not as hot or humid as expected. The trail was not too hard, walking mostly on a soft bed of leaves. Though my running shoes did not survive (had the soles glued on Friday, they came off half way during the hike).

Later I might add captions to the pictures ;-)

The new main sail and storm jib have been ordered at Lee sails in Hong Kong. Should take 7 weeks, I plan on having the sails delivered in Labuan (which is a tax free isand of Malaysia) because in the past boats have had trouble with customs charging them duty (and 30% of these sails is worth a one day trip to Labuan to avoid the risk).

Have been doing some programming on the boat, after a tough time downloading a few gigabytes of data. All is up and running and the work is progressing well. It is hot to work in the boat during the day (about 35 C), but it is bearable.

Start of the trail.

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