Working in Miri

Past week I have been working on a little programming project from the boat.  That was progressing well.

Also started on sanding and scraping old paint of the cockpit coaming.  Part of that was a failed varnishing experiment (varnish does not stay on for very long, the varnish I had dried up and you can not get any varnish in Miri).  One of my neightbors (Adri from Merida) found some decent paint, but it does color darker than varnish, but it seems to be easy to use and affordable (and locally available).  So I am part time sanding now, already got my first blister.

This Sunday we were invited to the Sikh temple.  Everyone had to cover his/her hair with something (not a baseball cap), so we all dressed up. Can’t say much about the prayers since I did not understand a word of Punjabi.  But afterwords everyone sat down for a vegetarian meal and we got to talk to some of the people who were very happy to explain their history and religion.  We also learned a bit about their alfabet.  That was a nice cultural part as an escape from boat maintenance.  I did not bring my camera, but others did, maybe I can get some copies of their pictures and will post later.

Also looking into ordering a tiller pilot and a new toilet.  Have gotten quotes from various places and it turns out that shipping from the US will be cheaper than Singapore (trying to explain that is not for me).

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