Trip to Bintulu

Sunday morning we took the coastal road to Bintulu. This is also known as the new road, but considering its bumpyness I would say it lost some of its new feel. It is a ride mostly through huge palm oil plantations.

In Bintulu we visited one of Rachel’s friends to celebrate Hari Raya (also known as Aidilfitri). To celebrate the end of ramadan (this celebration goes on for a number of weeks) with a table full of veried sweets.

After that we went into town for a meal and visited a local part, combination of a small zoo and botanical garden.

The riverfront of Bintulu.

Maggots for sale for consumption on the Bintulu market.

Monkey at the Bintulu mini zoo.

Butterfly house.

A hornbill, which is the logo bird of Sarawak.

Comfortable crocodile.

Another croc.

The tiger.

View on Bintulu.

Same tiger relaxing.

Better view of the tiger.

View on the Bintulu waterfront.

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