On the hard

Did a paint and parts shopping run on Tuesday, then this morning I motored from Ao Chalong to Ratanachai ship yard. They where ready for me on arrival and had a smooth drive up the rail way.

Bottom was sanded this afternoon while I took the shaft apart to get to the cutless bearing. Which has been spinning with the shaft in the shaft tube instead of the shaft spinning in the cutless bearing. Took some discussing and thinking and talking over to come a resolution to avoid this from happening again, but there is a plan and tomorrow morning a new bearing should be there and a worker should come to install it.

First layer of bottom paint should be put on tomorrow morning as well, then a second layer on Saturday. In theory boat could be in the water either Saterday afternoon or Monday. We will see how things go.

No big plans for my new years eve here, might walk into the neighbourhood near the shipyard and have a look around. Will try to avoid running into too many tourists.

Since I missed sending Christmas greetings I will wish you all a Happy New Year now.

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