New Years Eve 2552

New Years eve I was working on the boat till late in the afternoon. Installed new locking nuts to keep the cutless bearing locked in place. This included a ride around town looking for a hardware store. Had to take a scooter taxi because I could not find a scooter for rent anywhere near the yard. Well, the hardware store that I visited before was closed, so it became an interesting challenge finding another one. Biggest problem is that many Thai speak very little English, including my scooter taxi driver. But, in the end I got what I needed.

Sat talking with my neighbor till about 10 o’clock. He is an incredible source of information on sailing and boat repair. And he is from Vlissingen, so he gave me a new Luctor et Emergo (Zeeuwse flag) to fly on the port spreader. I did not wnat to completely miss the new years celebration, but had no interest at all in getting in the humble and jumble of all the tourists that have flooded some parts of Phuket. But near the yard is just a corner of the city where Thai workers live in small houses and where tourists only come through if they go to the ferry. So I just started walking down the street for a little while. People were sitting together in front their houses, eating and talking. All very nice and simple. Then at one place some guys sitting at a table called me over. Of course no one spoke Enlgish, but I had to sit down and join them in their celebration. We were an international little group, because there were people from Thailand, Myanmar (Birma), Laos, Cambodia and Singapore/Indonesia. Luckily at some point miss 7-Eleven came home from work. She spoke little more English, so that made for a little easier conversation. We even had some fireworks, and of course I was to shoot some pictures.

Part of our little group, gentleman on the right is the owner of the TV store.

Two more of my New Year’s Eve buddies.

Modest fireworks over Phuket.

Miss 7-Eleven.

Happy New Year!

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