Back in the water

Monday morning Morning Light went back in the water.  While motoring to Ao Chalong, engine vibrations were not any better than before, bad news.  Spent days with Dave (from S/V Meander) troubleshooting.  Eventually found that 3 of the 8 engine mount bolts (there are 4 engine mounts and every mount is bolted down with 2 screws) were loose.  2 bolts were replaced and one bolt was retightened.After that the engine was realigned (which I had just done on the yard as well).  I was hopeful (say, almost optimistic) that this was the solution, though, there is still some engine vibration.  Well, it is not so much the engine vibration that is a problem, but the whole boat sort of rumbles, less so at higher RPMs.  There are two likely solutions: new engine mounts, or a major engine repair.  This is to be continued.In the mean time I sailed/motored to Yachthaven on the north east side of Phuket.  On the way we (Meander was going the same route) got hit by a big squall.  Reefed on time, but it was a lot of rain and it made for a cold and wet day (though I understand it is quite a bit colder in The Netherlands right now).Saturday morning Rachel will be arriving for a 2 week visit.  All these engine troubles prevented me from proper preparations (read: boat cleaning).  But I hope we can do some good sailing without an ongoing saga of engine problems.

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