Engine mounts project

The engine mounts replacements has been a work in progress for the last two days. The front mounts replacement was an easy task. Rear engine mounts became a major struggle because of tough access, and on the starboard side the locks nuts were frozen. Ended up
taking the mounting bracket off the engine, to find out that there was plenty of play between the two lock nuts: the bottom lock nut had created a groove in the mounting bracket (looks like it had been doing that for a large number of years). Had to cut through the old engine
mount to get it off the bracket.

In between this work I have done two great bike rides with Gerben, and we are planning a few more.  The scenery is nice, the roads are not too busy, and except for the last bit near the marina the hills are not too steap.

Hopefully the new mounts can all be installed tomorrow.  After that a new exhoust gasket has to be put in place (had to take the exhaust off the engine anyway to be able to lift up the rear of the engine) and the battery fluid levels have to be checked. Then the major task is to accurately allign the engine with the drive train (shaft).  Luckily I have plenty of help and advice near by.

One setback is that we now have the weekend of Chinese New Year.  Allmost  all business here are ran by the Chinese and are closed for that occasion.  This makes shopping for parts and even basics a bit of a struggle.

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