Engine mounts installed!

This was a project I hope I will not have to repeat for a while.  Did find some dead bodies in the closet.  Finally got all the mounts installed, and the engine aligned right.  And, it runs like it used to.  Phew…… feeling very good about this.  Special thank to mr R., who prefers to remain nameless but gave me an incredible amount of advice in resolving this problem.

To get away from the engine stress we (Gerben and me) have been doing some nice bike rides. Including a ride around the whole of Langkawi (unplanned, we missed a turn somewhere).  Riding here is nice, not too much traffic, hills and trees.  Sometimes a little steep for my untrained legs.

Have another day left here in the marina, might go up the mast to sort out things there.  With the engine problems solved, I feel like I can finally start thinking ahead and make some plans.

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