Plodding along

Winds are still light and on the nose. There was a nasty squall yesterday morning, I woke up Jeff to help me get the sails down. About two miles to starboard there was a waterspout (the sea version of a tornado) touching down, it was there for about 10 minutes.
There is a high over southern India, but a low is coming from the Maldives moving east. It will be interesting to see if this can get us any change of wind.
If possible, can someone find out the exchange rate for the Indian Rupee and/or the cost of diesel? We might be making a fuel stop in India (though I am trying to avoid that since it means going the wrong direction for a day and getting us closer to the high pressure that is stealing our wind).

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  1. mark says:

    1 INR = 0.0219901 USD 1 USD = 45.4750 INR

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