A day at the beach

We arrived at Kavaratti Island perfectly after sunrise, and while we were still motoring around the island we were contacted by Port Control on the VHF. We explained we were only making a stop for the sake of buying diesel. They told us we could pick up an outside morning and would come back to us.
The short version is this: we spend all morning with a total of 12 (!) different officials on the boat. They represent: police, coastguard, navy and IB (?). They ask hundreds of questions, take lots of pictures, search the whole boat with a sniffer. At noon we get to hear we are okay, we can get diesel. So the police drives me to the bank, I get my rupees out of the ATM, and we drive to the fisheries department. No one there, I get the grand tour of the crowded town of the island and they tell me: closed. We can get diesel at 4:00pm. Then at 4:00pm their RIB does not show up, we question why, more questions, lots of mobile phone calls: fisheries is out of diesel.
So we spent a hot windless day entertaining Indian officials but had no diesel to show for it. Left right before sunset through the reef passage and we are back underway: 1120nm to Salalah.

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