Becoming a part time sailor

A surprising change is going to happen: I will become a part time sailor.  This is what happened: I had taken on a job at my previous employer with the intention to return to Morning Light later this year.  At work a few things changed, and they started to talk about working beyond that.  I gave it some thought, and have agreed to extend under the condition I will be able to take about 3 months a year leave.

So, that is where I am at.  Will stay working till at least the end of the year.  I have been staying at my sisters place, commuting by train and bike to work.  I am now starting to look around for a place to rent.  Hoping to find something at a nice bike ride from the office, where I have not yet figured out what the right length of that bike ride is (guess that really depends on the amount of rain).

The circumnavigation is now paused. But instead I intend to sail back and forth in South East Asia.  There are still plenty of places to  discover.

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