Work in progress

Last Friday we left for a little trip, just to anchor behind one of the many small islands around Langkawi.  Only to find out that the complete anchor chain was rusted together as one piece that was beyond use.

It was a full moon, with a real pretty moon rise.

The spare anchor was not holding, so it made for a restless night and at first sun rise we sailed off.  There was fair winds going back, so at least all the sails got some fresh wind.

Back to the marina to fight getting the anchor chain out of the locker, only way was through the boat, so rust everywhere.   Now rearranging the anchoring gear, and going through more of the the stuff on board (found enough warm clothes to sail off to a polar expedition).

Expired foods had already been thrown way earlier, so at least there is more and more storage available on board.

Rachel sprained her ankles two nights ago, so we are now taking it easy reorganizing and waiting for the dinghy to be finished.

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