Cycling in Cuba

Yes, I have been busy riding my bike for the last few days. It has been great. The roads are not too bad, potholes here and there, and you ride on the main highways. But traffic is not too bad, and not too fast either (you can even take advantage of that by motor pacing behind trucks or mopeds).

Yesterday I rode my bike to Cardenas, just a 10km ride. The city is away from all the tourist resorts and it looked very poor. Lots of abandoned buildings. Around here things look a lot nicer, especially near the beach front. Where there are lots of European and Canadian beach goers. Though it turns out that also Cubans come here to take their vacations.

The people here are very nice, always curious about you, trying to talk to you either by stretching their knowledge of English or mine of Spanish (it is still terrible).

Maria arrived ok on Saturday, there was much interest from customs with all the books she had with her (that will be my reading material for the coming months). I had gone to the airport on my bycicle, only a 25km ride, but I made it into a 45km one because I missed the airport exit when I took the coastal road (since there was a sign for no cyclists on the highway at an intersection). I still got there in time. And as always my bike drew a lot of attention (Cubans are really into cycling).

Today 3 boats left from the marina to aim for different US ports. Finally the strong northeast wind is gone, and hopefully tomorrow we will be leaving for Havana.

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2 Responses to Cycling in Cuba

  1. damcajun says:

    Man, now you have many getting jealous. Sounds like a really nice time. We’ve been training for the Ms150. Last weekend was the the “ride to remember”, we had a pretty bad wreck. Some gal almost went head first into an oncoming vehicle.
    I think she wound up with a broken collar bone. Must of had 8 to 10 people take the spill. She wasn’t the only one
    with a broken collarbone. You would probably know all the folks that got hurt, but I didn’t. Give Maria my regards.
    Look forward to more news soon…


  2. Kevin says:

    Actually, it was Ricardo’s wife. She’s got a few broken bones, but she’s alive. It could have been much worse.

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