Una pequena historia d’un barco en Cuba

Buen dia,

Frank asked me to add a small message to his log. In short: everything is muy bien with Frank and his boat. After a day in the office it seems ages ago that I left el barco at Puerta Esperanza, last Friday. The last 2 weeks we have been sailing along the northern coast from Varadero to this little Cuban fishermens village. On our way we made some stops in Havana (huge lively city – wearing our shoes off but still missed the music), Baya Honda (only us and the boat in a mangrove bay) and Cayo Levisa (pittoresque key island with palms, mangrove and mosquitos). I enjoyed the sailing very much, laying on the deck, looking at the passing Cuban coast and waves, while Arie was doing all the work and Frank was reading a book – I returned home with 5 kilos of books. The pictures you see in the travel guide are real: the water is incredibly blue, the beaches are white and dotted with palm trees! Also the other images of Cuba seem to be true (in a way): old houses, relaxed people, cars from the fifties, horse carts, Dutch second-hand buses (still going to Almere Haven after so many years in Cuba). We also participated in the Cuban way of living: lots of paperwork when entering and leaving a harbour, searching for bread and vegetables and a screwdriver (the supply in the shops is not really overwhelming), waiting in line at the bakery, hanging in the bus, eating arroz con frijoles, sitting in a sidewalk cafe and drinking cold Cristal. But ofcourse in 2 weeks you see only a tiny little bit, so I think I should come back one day for eating more icecream, finding the music y otra cosas. One minus: I really missed the pelicans and the dolfijnen, lots of them along the intracoastal waterway and here I only saw a few.
Frank is now on his way around Cuba, going westward. His final destination in Cuba is Santiago de Cuba. On his way he will stop in Batabona for a cycling trip to Havana, collecting a new passport. I guess he has add some more historia to this log himself by that time (as ofcourse there is much more to tell about his trip).


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3 Responses to Una pequena historia d’un barco en Cuba

  1. Kevin says:

    Do you mean he’s traveling eastward, along the southern side of the island?

    Thanks for the update. We are jealous.


  2. Randy says:

    Gracias mucho, Maria, por las noticias!

  3. maria says:

    Hi Kevin,
    Frank is sailing west from Puerto Esperanza to go around Cabo San Antonio and then going east along the southern coast (the passport arrived so he has to stop at the embassy). There is not an internet cafe on every corner and the computer I brought is a bit basic (usb2 did not work) and unfortunately my camera could not resist the Cuban climate, so high-tech communication is back to basics now – limited news, no pictures. I guess that Frank has passed Cabo San Antonio by now. After Cuba he wants to go to Jamaica, if Neptunus is cooperating. When we get some news I will put it on the log.
    Greetings, Maria

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