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Just a bit about the blog and the use of comments: initially I had the site configured so that comments without any URL’s in it would be posted on the blog immediately. This meant that if anyone would post a message with a link in it, it would be kept on hold until a moderator (that would be this foul) had approved (or disapproved it). Well, that would give me literally hundreds of emails a day.

The thing is, there are bots (computer robots) that scan the internet all day to find places where they can post their nonsense (the same kind of stuff you find in your mailbox everymorning). I have tried a few different ways to keep this under control (I will save you all the technical blurp) but in the end I have chosen by far the easiest solution:

  • You can only post a comment if you have registered with the site. And you have to be logged on when you post the comment.

I know it is bit of a pain, but I don’t feel like weeding through hundreds of emails (even just downloading all these messages takes forever) and play moderator.

The process to register is to click on the REGISTER button at the top of the blog. Once registered, this same button is used to LOGIN (I know, that’s confusing, but that is what the tools do for me). When you come in the registration window, there is an option at the bottom to LOGIN.

If this all confuses you, send me an email and I will try to help you with the process (I can create an account for you if you want).

Oh, and don’t worry, I will not use your identity in any way, nor will someone else be able to do anything with it. And, if that still scares you, just lie about your name (but your email address needs to be right, because that is where the password will be emailed to).

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  1. frank says:

    Ok, I have found a plug-in that keeps the spam out, so it should be possible to comment even when you are not logged in (though, changing these settings does not always apply to previous posts).

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